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Here are some pics of my Edwards Model 5A shear.  I bought it at an auction in Wiggins, CO about 15 years ago for, IIRC, about $50.  It will handle anything up to 3/8" square with no problem.  For 1/2" square I have to use a cheater bar on the about 5' long handle.  I find that it works best with two people, one to feed the material into the jaws and one to work the handle.  If you are by yourself it can be a problem to get the material exactly in place so that it will stay while you move to the handle.  However, working by yourself insures that no one ever gets any body part caught in the jaws.

Does anyone know the original factory color for Edwards shears?

iphone pics 10.2019 022.JPG

iphone pics 10.2019 023.JPG

iphone pics 10.2019 024.JPG

iphone pics 10.2019 037.JPG

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I did a quick search and Edwards seems to offer power shears, iron workers, etc. but you could give them a call and ask. The color I see they paint their current tooling is dark gray with the jaws bright red.

I think DANGER RED is a decent term for painting: pinch points, blades, swinging parts, etc. heck anything you should stay away from or watch while in use BRIGHT RED. This is how I paint my more dangerous machinery, say the link arms and spring on my Little Giant power hammer. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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Here's my Beverly #3.

I got it from an ABANA member years ago who had rebuilt it and was moving to the Canary Islands to be a blacksmith. I don't remember what I paid for it. Perhaps $300.

It will easily cut 1/4" and I've pushed it to 3/8" mild steel. The beauty of a Beverly is it is designed to cut curves as well as straight cuts. It's a great tool to blank out leaves and rosettes. 



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