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I Forge Iron

Finally forged something

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Mende, you did a good job on your keyring, and I like that you found a different way of doing the 'ring' part of it.
That's one of the most fascinating things about blacksmithing to me........each smith finds his own way of forging a piece..........Cool!

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THX guys ..this means a lot 2 me:D oh and about the ring part . .. I hit it 2 hard and one of the ends split . .so I improvised. ..and twisted everything together. . .
Plus.. I only know hot to flatten stuff and dent/cut em on a makeshift hardy( upside down cold chisel).

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Well done. Especially saving it after the little mistake.

A good recovery is a better sign of talent than a "perfect" product. It's often how something new comes into being.

When you made your chisel the blade had a curved edge after forging similar to an axe blade. Right? If you leave a shallow curve in the chisel edge it will be MUCH easier to follow a line when splitting.

Make the same chisel with curved edge but blunt it and it's a veining tool. The curve again makes it MUCH easier to control the line.


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Thx a lot guyz . .This is so much fun ..sure as xxxx worth the inhaled smoke and the scandal all the flying sparks caused with my parents ( i used charcoal) .. I blew my nose after i was done and the tissue was black. Dunno why but that gave me a feeling of pride .:P..

and thx for the chisel advice Frosty . .I did notice that a straight leveled edge is a pain 2 work with ..

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keep hitting, Mende!!

I know the feeling of the black boogers, when i come home from class i have them to (we have 14 people forging a 8 forges, with huge hoods and electrical powerd drafd, but when the fires get started it's still a mess, especially because allot of the les experienced students (including myself, until someone explained me) open u the air gate way to mutch you can't really blame them, because we have only 2.5 hours time to finsh our stuf up, so we wand our heats as fast as possible), it sucks ! but thomas is right you should fix that problem long-canser is not a funny thing...

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