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carbon steel and food


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deal? I am not sure I understand your question.

Carbon knives have been around since the beginnings of steel making. A fact of steels, is that in general a rougher surface will rust faster than a smooth one, example just after grinding with 50 grit, a blade can rust while you are changing the belts on your machine! where as a 400 grit can sit in the cooling water for a while with no problem.

make it look nice, do NOT use the dish washer on good blades, wash them by hand and you are fine.

It wont pollute the food either if that is what you were asking,

Welcome to IFI

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They can have a bit of trouble with highly acidic foods like grapefruit or other fruits leaving a thin not too good tasting sludge on them---why old pocket knives sometimes had a silver "fruit blade" in them and silver fruite blades could be found in upscale kitchens.

We ust wiped the blade *before* cutting the fruit to help remove the oxidation layer and lived with it.

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My mom used to have old carbon steel butcher's knives that she used. They would rust pretty readily in humid weather. They were quite often used to cut up salted meats..........which made the rusting even worse.

Her solution was to rub a thin layer of lard(pig fat) on the blade........worked pretty well.

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