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Boric Acid-Safe?


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I picked up a bottle of boric acid today after reading several posts where someone recomended it as a 'flux booster.

So I got to thinking....."Is this stuff safe to use in the forge?"

I did a little net surfing and came up with this link;


So what do you guys think? Is it safe?

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Boric acid is also used as an eye-wash ingredient. As a anti-roach material is is commonly used in kitchens.

Don't eat it, try not to breath it's fumes for long periods---just like you should not be breathing your forge fumes for long periods no matter what the fuel is, (save for an induction forge), and you should be fine. Remember what's in your slack tub (water) has killed millions of people and so is a highly dangereous substance!

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I have been using Boric acid as an additive ( about 5 to 10%) to my borax and it seems to work better as a flux, Cheapest way for me is buying a can of Roach Proof ( 98% boric acid) also as Thomas stated, beware of Di Hydrogen Monoxide, it has killed countless people over the years..

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