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delaware is testing motorcycles now for loudness
my harley davidson failed , failed twice
don't know why my pipes are just tapered duels not drag pipes
it is a harley for crying out loud
i went home fired up the forge fabricated come baffles using thin wall pipe
making an hour glass shape with horn squeezed them in opening and went thru inspection then and it passed
i wish after it passed i could have throttled it up and blew my homeade baffles
in to the inspection area , but no i made them fit too well , and now i have to pry them out.
on the bright side i will save them for 2010 when the bike is due again
the moral blacksmithing will solve just about any problem .

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Were those the stock pipes? Seems like if they are original stock pipes that they should be grandfathered. Any new bikes sold would have to meet the requirement but you shouldn't have to buy new pipes for an existing registered bike!

My bike is not a Harley but I do have aftermarket Hard Krome pipes that make it louder than stock. I can see it that case but HD stock pipes are louder than most anyhow.

Didn't you tell them that loud pipes save lives!

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they are cycle shak tapered duels on a 2001 night train they have passed every preceding year , Delaware is just getting stricter {probably federal money at the bottom of this }
and yes Larry i did try to justify it by saying loud pipes save lives
the motor vehicle dept has no sense of safety
here i am providing a public service by having a warning device on my motorcycle
via exhaust velocity and they don't recognize the overall benefits.
after all tractor trailers have back up alarms don't they and they are considered safety
Larry , it is just plain ridiculous

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heh, yeah...i had a '06 softail; funny how the new harleys sound like old japanese bikes and new japaneses bikes sound like harley used to!
after harley lawsuit against honda over "copyright" sound failed, they started the twinkie engines that sound like hondas!
glad i got rid of the harley, back on a honda til i finish my own diesel bike

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your loud pipes may sound great to you, but to the majority who arent into bikes, theyre just annoying.

if im going to be pulled over when my car's muffler has a little hole in it, im sure not going to feel sympathy for harley owners when theyre told they cant frap-frap-frap all over town and rattle windows anymore.

sure, blow those baffles into someone's face; thats the ticket. kick their heads in! thatll learn em.

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i am truly sorry for posting about my harley's baffles , i just wanted to share how i solved a problem with my motor vehicle with forge, anvil and hammer
i had no idea i would have offended anyone with this subject.
i understand motorcycles are not for everyone and please accept my apology for any
arrogance i have shown
thankyou ,

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Larry : About That New Anvil?
I Really Want To See Some Pics!!!!!!!! :)

As soon as I actually order it and get it here, I will post the pictures. I'm planning on ordering right after payday. They are located here in Wa. so it should only take a few days to arrive.
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hey piglet , what are you planning on for shift linkage
i made forward controls for a superglide i used to have
it was easy , just keep in mind keep the linkage as parrallel as possible to prevent binding
do not rely to heavy on the ball joints for alignment correction
they bind if they are to close to thier extremes

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Hey hd,
Not wishing to get into a dangerous polemic on an issue that is delicate in the extreme, BUT many would argue that Harleys are perhaps made by blacksmiths, rather than engineers. Now maybe larryjr would like to comment on the oil change on his Yammie.

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kevan , my only comment is harleys are very theropeutic at least to me anyway
and many others i suppose ,
to me it is an art form the way the lines run and the slow idle
i know there are better enginered cycles and more efficient and cheaper i would be a fool if i did not recognize this .
but to me harley is where my heart is .
not unlike an anvil , many prefer haybuddens peter wrights and the like becuase of signature rings . some prefer fisher anvils becuase of non existant ring

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Hey bru,
Only kidding. I would LOVE to own a Harley but pounding hot iron only allows me the cheaper rides. And by the way, ALL motorcycles are theraputic. It would be interesting to know which bikes are ridden by whom on this forum.

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hey Kevan ,
i love pounding the iron also ,
probally just as much or even more than riding , real dangerous on the road , or my age is making me consious of that , plus my bones hurt after about 4 hours on the road
i guess i am becoming an old geexer
and as far as who rides what , i think that may be too sensitive of a subject on this forum .
i love that forging , you never know what will come out of the naamans forge .
it is like a primal urge
take care kevan

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