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I Forge Iron

Tell me what you think - forge design

Ryan Attoe

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I came across a kiln that a neighbour was throwing out, and decided to make a forge. Finally! What I always needed! 

So I have 51 soft bricks(4.5x2.5x9) to work with. I can pick up some hard bricks without hurting the bank account too badly. 5.99 each at home hardware.  

About half of my free, soft bricks are cracked, and the other half aren't. 

The is photo is the first idea I had.  Feel free to add your two cents. I'll be seating the final design in a metal frame, but am playing lego on this piece of ply for convenience sake. 

I wondered about mixing a thinnest style mix to coat the interior floor of the forge to protect the soft bricks. 

I'll also be adding a propane head source, but thought I'd start with the box. The chamber itself is 7"wide, 4.5" tall, and I think I could go three bricks deep if I wanted, I think 27".

I've also got a million red bricks I could use. Which I considered as the base layer of the forge, which would be cost effective(ie. Cheap. 




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Ryan: Try doing a search with, "Brick Pile forge Iforgeiron" as search terms. Use your favorite search engine, the one on Iforge isn't too good but Google, Yahoo, etc. with Iforgeiron included in the terms works a treat.

Anyway, what you want to do has been discussed many times in the gas forge section. Currently the thread, "Forges 101" is alive and well.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Thank you frosty, Swede, kuja and blues man.  

There's so much on here, but I'm chewing through it.  I'm trying to get through a couple threads a day.

Thanks for the contact ideas, I'll have to check when the next meeting is, and show up with a box of coffee to bribe my way in. 

And I'll try the satanite if I run out of whole bricks. 



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