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  1. Thanks. Makes perfect sense now. I just had bottle openers in my mind
  2. @ausfire Why the screw holes in the cat openers? It looks like screwing them to a wall would make them impossible to use without spilling your drink.
  3. Nice job on the video Jennifer. I barely have the patience for still photography let alone editing videos. Where is this other demo video?
  4. Cleaning up old work

    My thought would be steel wool and then more linseed. IMO the patina is a plus, just nix the rust.
  5. Show me your Bottle Openers!

    I could not resist Hotmetal's idea and made my own Moai.
  6. Little tip I've learned

    Hmmm. 1/4" x 1" x 17-3/4" is the same price as 12"
  7. Help wth upsetting

    "I can still water quench and anneal after upsetting?" Bad idea..... you will be hitting hardened untempered steel. If you could interrupt your quench before the steel got below 400F you would still have mostly austenite, but martensite would be forming as the steel cooled, like at the face of the anvil.
  8. Want a borax-proof floor

    When I weld billets I always weld on a rebar handle. Then I put a small piece of scrap at the forge opening and rest the rebar on that, so the billet does not touch the floor. I also use very little amounts of flux. My flux problems are over. If I'm doing pieces that are impractical to prop up, I fire up the coal forge.
  9. My first JABOD forge

    In the pictures it is JAB.
  10. Help with fuel supply

    Back the regulator off before opening the valve slowly, then turn up the regulator slowly. Some 20 pound tanks are touchier than others. Once I find good ones, I get them filled instead of exchanging them.
  11. Vanturi burner blowing out with to much air?

    I think that you need a bigger orifice.
  12. coating soft fire brick outside with fire clay slip

    I don't know how your idea would work, but it is worth a try. I've been repairing my soft firebricks very successfully with Satanite. I've also put a skim coat of Satanite and crushed brick on the face of the brick that takes the brunt of the burner with good results.
  13. JABOD forge melt the concrete coating?

    The last time that I stayed at a campground I went to all of the unoccupied sites and collected the charcoal. Had to dry some of it out, but it worked fine. I would recommend a relatively airtight metal container for this. How many times have you heard "I thought it was out".
  14. Intermediate Projects?

    That was my thought also, or the metal is in the cone of the flame where there is still free oxygen.