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  1. PWS /San Mai Razor

    The scales are paper/epoxy micarta. It's a modified San Mai construction and the cutting edge is 1095.
  2. PWS /San Mai Razor

    Thank you.
  3. PWS /San Mai Razor

    Finished this one a couple of weeks ago.
  4. Gas Forge Design Progress - Critique please!

    Hot spots are good for forging and bad for heat treating, as Frosty said above.
  5. Dimensions of flat jawed and gooseneck tongs

    Nice charts Glenn. I have a copy of Machinery's Handbook. I don't think that I was ever aware that was in there.
  6. Fire pot size

    Hey! I didn't say that.
  7. Fire pot size

    I tried lining my fire pot with refractory, the clinker stuck to the refractory so I stopped doing that. My fire pot is 5" by 8" and only 2" deep made of 1/8" plate. I'm pretty happy with the size as I can make a really small fire in it and when I need a bigger fire I just bank it up with coal. The 1/8" plate is holding up much better than I expected.
  8. Spark Testing

    A dark shop and a bench grinder help. More carbon makes more stars, but alloys such as Chromium and Nickle inhibit the stars. Chromium makes a more red spark, Manganese is more white and adds stars.
  9. Requiem to a blacksmith

    My guess is that you nailed it Frosty. I had a situation like this as the shop owner. In my case the other party will never be invited back.
  10. Planning my first gas forge

    18 or 20 gauge sheet metal is pretty easy to work into a tube and rivet.
  11. Forge welding

    My plan is to add 7 link assemblies to the chain. Going higher than this looks like it would start being an exercise in material handling.
  12. Forge welding

    Your right. Today I added 6 links.
  13. San Mai forge welding problem

    How is your forge welding on other projects? When I do San Mai I start with thicker and smaller pieces and then draw out the billet. This way the weld is done on a smaller surface area. I'm not sure how clearly I'm explaining this. The welded billet is much shorter and narrower than the finished knife. The mass is in the thickness.
  14. Forge welding

    I started my chain yesterday. My idea is to just do a link at each forging session , build 7 link chains, then join them to the main chain. So the chain would not be in strict chronological order, but the seven link sections would be.
  15. Fire Pot Material

    I made a fire pot similar to the one shown, except that it has a clinker breaker, out of 1/8" steel figuring that I could repair it easy enough if it burned through. It has held up much better than I thought it would. My repair plan is to patch the outside with more 1/8" steel then fill the hole on the inside with clay, but it has not burned through yet.