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  1. Tell me what you think - forge design

    I've had very good luck repairing broken bricks with Satanite. It gets much stronger after the brick is fired.
  2. PWS /San Mai Razor

    Thanks Steve No, I just dip the blade when I feel any heat. I keep my bare finger tips on the back of the contact point and with the blade so thin it is easy to feel any heat build up long before reaching the temper temperatures. You can't use much pressure anyway without fighting deflection on such a thin section. I run about 450 SFM when finishing the edge. Good eye. A 7/8 it is. I think several first razors and knives have been done on those 4x36 belt sanders. The main drawback IMO is the high belt speed. On a heavy grind you should be able to keep your heat down pretty easy though. Light pressure and bare hands.
  3. PWS /San Mai Razor

    Another razor.
  4. First time attempting a forge build : bellows issue

    I glean charcoal from my fireplace in the winter, that way I get the benefit of the heat. I smother it in a 3 lb coffee can and by the time I've built up the coals again the batch in the coffee can is cool. Be aware of CO, though I've had no issue with it.
  5. Damascus with only hand hammers?

    I've been using .065" 15n20 and .125" 1095 lately. The 15n20 is what really stands out, so using less of it looks more balanced IMO. The size of the billet depends on what you are trying to make. If your making billets by hand just make your billet big enough for your project plus scaling loss and as small of an extra factor as you feel comfortable with. The scaling loss and extra factor comes from experience and how much manipulation you are doing to the billet. Keep good notes. Don't forget that small billets can be welded, manipulated, and then welded to other manipulated billets to end up with larger billets without having to work the large billet through the whole process.
  6. Steel Tariff

    But the tariff will still put upward pressure on the price of American steel. Higher demand = higher price.
  7. Damascus with only hand hammers?

    I do PWS [damascus] by hand very often. A lot of the work can be minimized by making your billets just big enough for the project. Extra material = extra work.
  8. I use electric tools in my shop, but I attended a four day hammer in [Loveland CO] where there were seventeen forges and no electricity. All of the tools and blowers were human powered. It was pretty cool and inspiring.
  9. PWS /San Mai Razor

    The scales are paper/epoxy micarta. It's a modified San Mai construction and the cutting edge is 1095.
  10. PWS /San Mai Razor

    Thank you.
  11. PWS /San Mai Razor

    Finished this one a couple of weeks ago.
  12. Gas Forge Design Progress - Critique please!

    Hot spots are good for forging and bad for heat treating, as Frosty said above.
  13. Dimensions of flat jawed and gooseneck tongs

    Nice charts Glenn. I have a copy of Machinery's Handbook. I don't think that I was ever aware that was in there.
  14. Fire pot size

    Hey! I didn't say that.
  15. Fire pot size

    I tried lining my fire pot with refractory, the clinker stuck to the refractory so I stopped doing that. My fire pot is 5" by 8" and only 2" deep made of 1/8" plate. I'm pretty happy with the size as I can make a really small fire in it and when I need a bigger fire I just bank it up with coal. The 1/8" plate is holding up much better than I expected.