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  1. Thank you frosty, Swede, kuja and blues man. There's so much on here, but I'm chewing through it. I'm trying to get through a couple threads a day. Thanks for the contact ideas, I'll have to check when the next meeting is, and show up with a box of coffee to bribe my way in. And I'll try the satanite if I run out of whole bricks. Cheers Ryan
  2. I came across a kiln that a neighbour was throwing out, and decided to make a forge. Finally! What I always needed! So I have 51 soft bricks(4.5x2.5x9) to work with. I can pick up some hard bricks without hurting the bank account too badly. 5.99 each at home hardware. About half of my free, soft bricks are cracked, and the other half aren't. The is photo is the first idea I had. Feel free to add your two cents. I'll be seating the final design in a metal frame, but am playing lego on this piece of ply for convenience sake. I wondered about mixing a thinnest style mix
  3. The ring seems consistent across the face, so I guess nothing to worry about. Irondragon: I tried again with the location under profile, and then hit save. Still nothing. I'll have to take another look at it tomorrow from another device, and then contact the admin if I can't get it to work. I can see the advantage of people being able to figure out who's close by. I'll post photos after I've got it mounted and I build some hammer & tong storage. Thanks for the help.
  4. Thomaspower. I had dismissed the tool marks on the other side, but it is as described about the weight. Thanks for the help. Does anyone think I need to worry about the visible crack along the bottom, or the ridge line under the face
  5. Thanks for the tips Irondragon. I just read the suggested topic, and added my location to my profile ( Hamilton, ON), and searched google for "iforgeiron smith's england 3". It still didn't give me anything useful, but the tip will help as I navigate on other topics. ThomasPower. I'll try to track down a copy of Anvils in America and see what they've got. Thank you for the suggestions. I've hit it lightly with a flapper disk to get rid of some of the rust, though I left about a third of it because I didn't want to start removing any metal. I won't do anything else to it till
  6. Hi all, I'm new to the site, but am really looking forward to digging through the forums. I've searched as best I can figure for the anvil below, both here and online, but can't seem to locate any information about it. I was hoping that someone might have come across this brand. I'll attach some pics. It says Smith's England, on one side, and has the number 3 stamped on the front foot. I was wondering if anyone can point me towards any more information about the manufacturer, or factory location. Oh, and it weighs 120 lbs. My grandfather would have acquired it from a
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