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Old anvil found in barn


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I found this anvil in an old barn and was wondering if you guys could tell me what brand it is and if it is worth anything. Here are some pics   And it seems to have a steel face and possibly a cast iron base.

anvil 11.jpg


anvil 12.jpg

anvil 13.jpg


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Well the diamond stamp says to me Trenton. Do see part of Trenton there. Not sure which stamp is over that. 

There should probably be weight and serial number stamped on the front of the base under the horn. Any chance of wire wheeling that and getting pictures?

It is indeed a wrought iron body with a steel face plate. Don't grind on it. 

What is your location?

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I am from Arkansas, I live in New Mexico. I work in Mexico.  I've seen anvils in Germany, Spain, England, the Netherlands, Indonesia, Austria. (and pictures of them from scores more countries)

Now if that anvil is in New York State then it's price would probably go between US$250 to $500 It's a good brand in good shape and a good size for folks starting in the craft or a travel anvil for a more experience person.

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  Nice find. Thanks for the pictures. Trenton manufactured the anvil. Lakeside was the brand name anvil sold by Montgomery Ward. Trenton also made anvils for Sears with the name Acme. Seem like Trenton would have anvils made, and when an order came in would just stamp the sellers over there diamond. Double stamped Trentons are common. Numbers one the front foot are the weight on the left, and serial number on the right. 

  I have owned two Hay Buddens, one stamped just Lakeside, and the other only stamped Acme. Hay Budden stamped the weight under the logo, and the serial number on the left side of the front foot. 

   Hope this helps 

       N.N.F.                   Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA 

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