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rear thrust washer-repair or replace


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I picked up a nice post vice at a garage sale in Kankakee, Il for ten dollars a while back.  there is no markings on it. The only damage is the rear washer on the tightening bolt is split and open about a half inch. The washer is a half inch thick with a tapered inside.  I don't have any trouble using the vice but still would like to fix or replace it. My question is if the washer is something I can weld after squeezing back in place without special welding rod. The jaws are 5 and a half inches. The vise is mounted on a mulberry log set about 30" in the clay floor of my shop that holds it good. I don't have any sendable  pictures at the moment.  Thanks in advance for any advice.         Jerry

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 If welding it doesn't work for some reason , an easy way to make a new one is to bend a piece of 1/2'' round rod into a ring the same size and weld it.  Or you can drift out a heavy chain link to the same size if you happen to have one in your scrap pile.   The washers on the outsides of the front and back jaws on most post vises is tapered like that on the inside to allow the thrust load on the washer to stay in line with the screw box as the tilts up and down slightly as the vise is opened and shut.  The jaws of a post vise open in a slight arc as opposed to a straight line like a machinists vise, hence the need for some slight looseness in the  screw and screw box in the body of the vise.


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I was advised that a throw out bearing from a manual transmission would work. The hard part is finding one that will. I have a whole bucket of old ones and did find one that will work for my large postvise. I haven't mounted it yet so that sits in waiting to try out. 

It would probably just be easier to follow any of the above mentioned. 

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