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Post Vice ID Help?


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Purchased this a while back and couldn't see anything on it. Getting it set up now and I found some numbers that I hope help with figuring out it's history. The front, moveable jaw has "1909" stamped on near the top and "70" underneath. The mounting bracket is stamped with a large "4" on the bottom side. Both Jaws each have an "8" stamped on the inside. They measure 5 3/8" across. Thanks ahead of time for any help.

Post Vice Mounting Bracket Bottome.jpg

Post Vice Moveable Jaw.jpg

Post Vice Moveable Jaw.1909 & 70.jpg

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An overall pic would be most helpfull in IDing your vise.  Individual parts were often replaced or shop made, but overall styles are sometimes indicitive of origin.  The mounting plate shown in the above pic could be Columbian or one of the other 19th/early 20th century American makers.  

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Hello all,

As this is first post to this form and just getting ducks in a row to start learning to move metal via forge, fire and hammer. I have acquired a this vice from my father. I was my great grand fathers vice and dad (now 83 years old) remembers  using it as a kid in his grandpa's work shop. Knowing that I like old tools and wanting to get into blacksmithing gave it to me. As you can see by the pictures it needs clean up and repairs to the mounting plate. All I know is that has a No 34 at the bottom and I can not find any other markings on it. I was hoping someone here might be able to help in the identification of maker, type of vice and any possible suggestions on repair. I realize that it is a bench type vice and I am planing on mounting it to a post so it can be move around the smithy and work shop as needed. I think I will mostly use it as a vice to hold bending jigs for doing "S" hooks and the sort so not to abuse it and create any more damage than what has been done. 


#1 .jpg

#2 .jpg

#3 .jpg

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Thanks that is all I came up with too just a little bit ago. I was hoping as a long shot that someone may have more information. It is always interesting to find out the history of things that have been around a while. I also did look up Peabody, KS and yes your only couple hours south. I was down in Hutchinson couple weekends ago and the name Peabody rang a bell and yep went right through there going and coming back. 

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You have a trenton post vise  they’re the only ones that I know of that stamped the year of manufacture on the jaws and your mounting plate looks like a trenton And so does the rest of it  mine you can kinda make out above the date stamp where it says original Trenton 




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