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My first anvil

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I purchased this I hill anvil and wondering if anyone has advice on derusting and should i do any restoration on it . I will be using it hopefully by early spring in New England. I’ve seen many opinions on this wonderful site about cleaning and restoration not sure which would best suit me. I have access to many advanced machines and people with experience not in anvils but machining.Thank you in advance for any advice. I will post more closeups of face when i can.




He sold it as a 110 i think its 1.2.10 which if I’m correct is 178. I’ll be weighing it tomorrow 

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Get to know the anvil by using it for a year (2000 hours) before making any decisions. 

Hot metal will shine up the working face and area of the horn like nothing else. A little ATF (auto transmission fluid) on the body to retard any further rusting is all that is needed. 

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Joey: That's a beautiful old lady of an anvil. The only clean up that's really appropriate is a wire brush, a cup brush in a right angle grinder is the smart way Be careful! Powered wire brushes are one of THE most dangerous power tools around. 

The rusty dusty surface is what stole so much rebound, try it again after she's been cleaned up. Hot steel and a hammer will but a good shine on her face.

NO grinding!!! :angry: If you think the little bit of mushrooming on the edge looks like chipping please take a couple good closeups, top and sides with oblique light and show us. There are situations when a person SHOULD take a grinder to an anvil but most often not and it takes some knowledge and experience to evaluate the situation. Make sense?

Frosty The Lucky.

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The pritchel looks original although im not an expert. The top I wire brushed and it looks like a chisel smith and a welder owned it at some point tips on removing the weld would be great and if i should do any other work. Also I weighed it its 174.7 so it is 1.2.10. Nice edges though. 









I also ran a file on it it skates right off is this a good cheap Rockwell test?

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Chisel smith would not put chisel marks on the face; that is done by a Non-smithing user---probably cutting chain links.  Chisel marks on the side can be left by a chisel smith to show off the hardness of their chisels. (sort of a misrepresentation as the sides of anvils are usually very soft indeed!)


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Joey - nice first anvil.  If it's 178 lbs, you'll like that weight.  Mine is 179 pounds and its just small enough to move around but heavy enough to be a good shop anvil.  Like others have said, use the wire brush on an angle grinder to clean it up.  Then wash it with soap & water, dry it, then oil it with either boiled linseed oil, or new motor oil.  I used new 5w-30 motor oil on mine and it worked just fine. I give it a light oiling after every use and she's not rusted at all since cleaning.  The wire brush mounted on an angle grinder preserves that nice rich patina yet removes all the rust.  Yes, please use safety glasses while doing this.  Those little wire bristles fly off and hurt like heck when they connect with bare skin or say your eyeball.  

The chisel marks are an issue, but I agree with others.  Use that anvil for a year before you make any decisions about machining it.  I personally never would machine the face of an anvil.  You lose all that hard steel and it's gone forever.  My anvil has some sway in the sweet spot and some edge nicks / chips - all from honest use by smiths who fed their family by using it.  My face has polished up a great deal just from forging on it.  Rebound has increased as well.

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