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How to hide/ cover screws

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14 hours ago, Donniev said:

I'm curious of how you go about hiding screws holding your work into a wall. Ive seen small squares of textured steel over the screw in pictures, but I'm unsure of how it's done

What's the context? What are you trying to fix to a wall? Black slotted round head screws and/or square head coach screws are what I always use, and leave unhidden.

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Or you can keep the hex head and decorate it, 'floral' being the obvious easy choice, if done with a bit of cunning it can still be turned by spanner or screwdriver. I think I posted elsewhere that a screw head leaf or other motif could be forged, it will still screw in and becomes part of the decoration. All depends on what you require, the setting and your imagination/skill.

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I mostly use square headed screws/bolts  and round headed, black, straight slot screws.

If you need to make the round head look like a rivet, fill the slot with whatever,,, Bondo or wood filler. Clean it up so it matches your rivets and paint matte black.

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