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1936 fisher 250 lbs anvil

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Hello And thank you for looking 

I am trying to find the value of this 1936 250lbs Fisher anvil

ive been told location is a factor so I am in illinois

I am up loading all the pictures I have taken so far if better are needed please say so

Side note this thing has been used maybe 20 times here by my father a seasoned blacksmith 

 it was bought in this condition 3 years ago














Due to several spinal surgeries father can no longer use this in any way

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Seriously, it is worth what you are willing to let it go for, and what a buyer is willing to pay. Anvil prices are all over the board today with $3-$4 a pound being the average. Personally I have not paid over $1.25 a pound for any of my anvils, and some a lot less than that.  Now having said that I have seen several good quality anvils in that price range sit for over a year on my local online marketplaces. My Fisher is 260# and it is my main anvil because I love how quiet it is. As you know , Fishers do not ring like other anvils, they make more of a thunk.  The one you have has some edge chipping and what appear to be torch gouges in the face. Other than that it is in really good condition.  A new 260# JHM anvil is $1,261.70, plus shipping.  Sorry I can't give you a definite price, but that is just the nature of these items. 

There is a thread just for Fisher anvils here, and the owner of the Fisher museum is also a member. look for NJanvilman. 

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Frosty, it looks to me like a poor casting run as far as surface finish goes on all of the body, especially the markings. It was the Depression, and there was no fettling done on that anvil past the striking surfaces. I speculate that the numbers were so illegible that they had to grind just that area, then stamp the date in for the warranty to be in effect. 

If you look at vises and other tools from the companies that managed to stay in business until WWII, there was a noticeable degradation in aesthetics, fit and finish on most utilitarian items. The heyday of ornate metalwork and metal tools was probably around 1890, and there was a downslope than turned into a sheer cliff in 1929.

My $0.02. Which, like all opinions is worth what you paid for it. Maybe less.

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Based on the prices in Illinois 3-4$/lb

If you are near northern Illinois there is another seller constantly on Craigslist with 3-4 anvils, I believe he also posts on IFI. So you have any buyer looking at his anvils as well as yours. 

Someone sure was nice to the face but mean to the edges somewhere in her lifetime. Based on that maybe closer to the 3$/lb, anything over 200 lbs carries a nice premium over the common 110-150 lb anvils. 

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