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I Forge Iron

OUCH! that hurt.


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This is not just about smithing, but about many things we do in life. 

Saturday was a fairly nice day so i went out to do a little work. I am trying to improve my forge and needed to cut a piece of angle iron. Just 1 cut on a 1" by 1/4" piece. I get my tools out, get it clamped down,plug in the angle grinder, and can not find my safety glasses. So i look, the old lady says they may be in my range bag, i look but to no avail. So after a few minutes i figure dang it i would have had it cut by now. So what do i do? I just start cutting. About half way through the cut i felt a sudden stinging, burning sensation in my eye. I tried but could not get it out. So off to the ER i go. After about 4 hours there i finally get home. Find my safety glasses in of all places my tool box, yeah who would think to look there, and Sunday finished my cut. 

I have worked with my hands all my life. I used to be a machinist, and i am currently a mechanic. I was on an M1 Abrams in the Army. I have used and been around many dangerous tools and equipment.  And i know better. 

Do not short cut safety. It does not matter if that cut would take me 5 minutes or 5 hours. You can lose an eye in a split second. Complacency kills. So old timers i do not care if you have done it a million times or not be safe. Younger guys, take heed those words of safety from the old timers. 

Knowledge comes from a book, wisdom comes with learning from those around you and your own mistakes and not repeating them. Learn from my mistake, i sure did. 

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Back when I worked at Bell Labs; my boss used to sign for prescription safety glasses for me even though I was a computer engineer.  He said it would save the company a ton of money over missed work and medical bills if I messed up my eyes. (Of course he knew my hobby----see TPAAAT!)

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