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What would this be worth?

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Hi All! 

Wanting to buy an anvil, and found on on our local dutch craigslist alternative. 

Anvil weight: 130 kilogram (286 pounds) 
Anvil weight including mount 250 kilogram (551 lbs)

Height of anvil 33cm (13 inch) 
Length of anvil 76cm ( 29 inch )
Width of face 14cm (5.5 inch)

Link removed

What do you guys think this is worth? what would you pay for it? 







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That's a good size shop anvil.  Used to be no one wanted those, as they were difficult to move around and most casual smiths rarely needed that size.  These days, for whatever reason, they have become more popular (possibly just bragging rights, though I'm sure there are still some architectural scale smiths, or folks working with strikers, needing that size).

Anvil prices vary a lot depending on location.  The condition of this one appears pretty good, with typical usage scars on the face and has plenty of usable life left for the casual smith..  The one thing I'd be a little concerned with is the possible edge welds in the first photo.  If weld repairs are not done correctly they can either spall off in use leading to more problems or ruin the heat treatment on the anvil surface (or the years of work hardening the face), lowering it's value.

All that being said, provided it passes a rebound test, I'd say that anything under $2.50/lb for a no name anvil would be a pretty good deal around here.  Large cast stands don't come around too often, and it would be great to have the matching stand.  However I personally wouldn't pay more than $150 for something I could fab up myself from mild steel.

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  Hey Zen, 

 Location, location, location. What is an acre of land worth? Here in southern Michigan, junk sells for $3.00 a pound. Heck, locally on CL someone sold a section of 10# railroad track, with a horn shape for (please sit down for this one) $145.00 US...or $14.50 a pound. $6.00 a pound is the local market today, for a decent anvil. 

  Names are over rated, rebound is king. 

        N.N.F.             Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA 

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4 hours ago, zeno said:

Wanting to buy an anvil, and found on on our local dutch craigslist alternative

From this we figure you are in Holland or near by.

However once we leave this thread we will not remember that. If you edit your profile to show your location you may be surprised how many members are near you and as said location is important for accurate answers.

In my area $2.00 a pound US is considered a bargain so $500-$600 would not be out of the question. How much are they asking for it?

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Thanks for the response guys! :)
I'm indeed from the netherlands (just updated my profile). 

He's asking 450 EUR (approx 530 USD) for it, this would include the stand it is on. 
I'll be going over there to check it out this weekend. Will be sure to do the rebound test on the entire face plate, and I'll have a closer look at the repairs. 

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When it gets to price I always say that you pay what you can comfortably afford, not what others can afford. 

Since this is an international forum prices vary greatly from place to place. Alaska, and Australia = arm and a leg $$$  England = dirt cheap $ USA= all over the place$-$$$$ Luckily you have a fellow in the area who can help you with your purchase.

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We wouldn't know what an anvil going price is in the Netherlands, what I do know is that in Europe there are some high quality anvils, French, German, Swedish etc. That particular one ...If I lived in Europe I would only pay a low price for. From your photos it seems the face is soft or turned soft from the welding on he edge, educated guess from the myriad of hammer marks but happy to be wrong. Add to it the no name, I say that 450 Euros is way too much. 

Keep on looking, there are a lot of very good quality anvils that side of the pond, and distance between countries is ridiculously small. You could buy super cheap in England, Super good in Germany and France ... hey ... it is you who should tell us what good stuff is available over there :)

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