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two hammers I received today


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nice hammers, now get some oil on those handles!


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I got started with a US$2 hammer from the fleamarket 37 years ago; I still have it and it still works.  I suggest tooling up on the cheap while you decide if the craft is for you. *Then* you can add fancy stuff to your kit!  (Me I like the Lynch collection hammers I have accumulated---but then I got them on the cheap too....)  If I have a piece of fancy kit it's usually from someone dumping lots of money into getting set up and then deciding blacksmithing is not for them and selling stuff off at pennies on the dollar...so maybe I should encourage you to go all out!  Have you though about buying large NIMBA anvils yet?????

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I've been using these hammers pretty much exclusively on my recent projects and they work far better than my ebay specials.  I seem to get fewer glancing blows that put big dings into the work, and I like the balance and feel of the handles a lot.  But I think it was good that I used the ebay hammers for a few years to get my hammer control down before springing for these.  Here are two projects I made with these hammers:

A cable knife, still in progress:


Some snake candle holders from railroad spikes:



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