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smiths /associations near Savanna Illinois

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I found an instructor holding classes North of Freeport IL.   Invited me up for an evening and let me mingle with the students.  sort of independent word for the more experienced and attention to the newer smiths where needed.  It was a great group and a fun evening.  Held in an old barn, and I guess winter makes it hard to work in there, so they are almost done for the season.  Will see if I can get in next spring.  There are two coal forges and two gas forges.  

Today I went to the Pioneer village in Scott County park Iowa.  the historic Smithy was in operation with a good group of friendly and informative smiths there.  I picked their brains and had some great fellowship for about an hour and a half.  Bob Tuftee was said to be on the site, but I did not find him.   thanks to Randy, Lou, Nate and Scruffy.  


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On ‎4‎/‎5‎/‎2018 at 2:44 AM, Casey J. Clark said:

Mike, I am in the Clinton/Fulton area just south of Savanna. Any luck on finding experienced smiths in the area willing to share knowledge? 

Casey.  Not yet but you are close.   I did attend an open class where it was mostly independent study up north of Freeport.  he had two gas and two coal forges set up in a barn.  if you needed guidance he would help out or if you know what you are doing and don't have a forge you can work on your own.  I'll get the number and post it tonight if you want. 

I've attended a demonstration day at the Smithy in Pioneer village in Scott County Park also.  all coal forges there.  



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