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The Harvey Girls, movie

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Anyone remember the blacksmith scene in the movie The Harvey Girls (1946) with Judy Garlin, John Hodiak? The movie is about a mail order bride that stops in a frontier gambler's town to work as a waitress.

The hammer the girl uses in the blacksmith shop looks to be about a 6 pound cross peen. Take notice of the hot horse shoe that smokes and bends under the hammer blows. Look at the red hot horse show just before she thrown it into the slack tub and then notice the sizzle and steam ad it hits the water.

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Have any of you noticed just how many movies have a blacksmith or a reference to blacksmith's in them?

Most westerns are a given, but there are so many diverse movies that include smiths.

I remember being at the movie theater with my nephew and him saying
"look, another blacksmith" - I whispered back . . . "there's always a blacksmith". It's become a bit of a joke for us to see who notices something referencing smithing in a movie or TV show before the other does.

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