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    Lewiston, Idaho
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    making brooms, forging, snowmobiling, riding motorcycle trike, riding waverunners, enjoying living in Idaho.

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    Lewiston, Idaho
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    I am a broommaker, and I used to do blacksmithing as well
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    Gardening, Snowmobiling, Making wood Benches planter boxes carving faces on Staffs & Brooms
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  1. OK, I located the info on your web page.  Yippie.  Thanks so much.

  2. WOW, I want to see if I and my husband can build one of gas forges you show on IForgeIron.  I used to work in my ex-husband's blacksmith shop back in Mesquite, TX some 15 years ago.  Now I have bought a small forge from Amazon, but i can already tell it is not going to be big enough to do much except straight pieces.  I am trying to find your info on your web page regarding building the forges, but haven't located info on it yet?  So I guess I'll go back to the IforgeIron Page and re-read all the info there.  Another friend from Texas told me about these forges as he is building one himself.  I am excited to see if we can build one.  My current husband is a retired machinist, and has all kinds of equipment, ie Mill, lathe, Mig Welder, and tons of other equipment, so Maybe I can get him to build me one of these. Thanks for the generous info you share.

  3. I like your piece. Rivets are well done as well as the dogwood flowers and leaves. Pretty piece.
  4. Nice dogwood flower. Leaves are good as well.
  5. Oh, how lovely, and a perfect plae to show it off.
  6. Beautiful work. Really like it.
  7. I am going to pray for you, and pray for your speedy recovery for all the problems related to this incident w/the other student. I hope he will be repremanded and taken out of school for his violent behaviour. Aside from that, I just pray that the surgery goes well, and that you have no problems from any of it. May the Lord bless you and keep you under his wings of protection. I am sorry that you had to go throug this whole experience, but don't let it keep you from Doing the right thing by reporting someone who is a Bully in the future.
  8. Well, heck, I have never seen this Judy Garland Movie. Now I feel I need to try and find it somewhere so I can see it. I am wondering? did you say Little Judy Garland was swinging a 6 # hammer? I can't imagine her ever being able to lift one. LOL
  9. Hi Gents and Ladies: I just wanted to say Hello to all of those of you I have known in the past, and let you know I haven't fallen off the face of the earth (Just live in Idaho Now instead of Texas-LOL) Ironsurgeon sent me the thread/links to the forge he built and used at Tio's place down in Texas. I need a forge badly and Steve, My retired machinist Sweety and future Husband, said for me to find some plans and inbetween all the other projects we got going on-he'll build me one. Hurray:D anyway, gonna sign him up to this site too. We still got slower than Molasses in january Dial-up,
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