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Nice gifts but......


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Having an abundance of 1/4" H.R., I have been playing around in the shop making simple 2 piece Banana stands for the special ladies in my life. They love them but

I cannot seem to come up with a better way to attach the legs. I have been Mig welding them and I really dislike the ugly welds.

Anyone have any better suggestions? I am having a mental block figuring out this simple task. And I am no beginner. LoL!

Thanks guys.




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Make the stand from one long piece of stock, about 36” long. Punch a 1/8” hole 12” from one end and make a 1/8” tenon at the far end. Bend the long section between the hole and the tenon into whatever shape of base you like, insert the tenon into the hole, and dome over its outside end. Shape the remaining 12” section into the vertical part of the stand. 

(One detail, whatever you do for the base: as you draw out the stock for the hook, give it an oval cross section, and turn the hook the hard way to make the oval vertical. That will be nice and strong, but will slip more easily between the banana stems.)

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