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  1. I'D be interested in some of that 4140! LoL!
  2. Those welds are looking way better John! How many miles of wire have you gone through as of yet? LoL! The wife wanted a large serpent themed flower pot wall hanger. Here's what I came up with......
  3. Perhaps a local CNC wire cutting service?
  4. Very nice stake Das!! By the way, I have a spot picked out for you to park your trailer on my property...... Permanently! Ha!
  5. That is really cool Das! I will make one for dedicated radius bends for sure! I made the sliding angle iron style one for bending various thickness of steel a couple years ago using bender dies from a Grizzly Bender. Works great! I bought the roll dies cheaper than my brother could have bought the stock and machined them for me! I didn't have a picture handy of the set up but here is a sketch and part numbers and prices:
  6. Das, John, I am truly inspired I now have a great use for that Jackhammer bit John gave me!
  7. I just love your Mantis's or Manti' Aus! I better not show the wife or I'll be trying to make one! We used a boat battery box mounted to the trailer tongue. No problems that way!
  8. Hey Das, Put a H.F. 100 watt solar panel set up on the top of the trailer. My son did that to his and kept a deep cycle battery charged up to run a bunch of LED lights, a 12v tire air compressor, cell phone chargers and some 12v doo-dads in his trailer. It worked fantastic in his cross country move. Just suggesting......
  9. Thanks Das! I like the Rasptlesnake idea. Hammer Monkey, That is a superb rasp tomahawk. Nice job!
  10. 58er' That is some cool artistry! You've got some patience buddy! Well the wife wanted me to continue on the garden Snake theme..... So I decided to up the game and try a rasp Snake. Good use for a worn Farrier's rasp. The darn thing wanted to twist constantly while hammering it in the swage block. Turned out OK for the first try though. I have a real cool idea for my next Snake project. Starting tomorrow.....
  11. I can laser cut a custom gasket or washers for you John....
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