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  1. Forge Hoods Explained

    First test of the new forge and Wow!! I can't believe how great it draws... I set some lump charcoal in it with a small wad of paper and it took off like a F-111 in full after burner. And that was without using the blower! My buddy and I forged for 4 hours Sunday and I've never had a better fire to work with. We hardly had to use the blower, only when we needed the extra heat. hat 36" tapered cone and 16" diameter stack must work like a super vortex. Very happy with this project. Now on to the surface grinder/belt grinder project... Video here
  2. It followed me home

    Once you go bituminous , you never go back! LoL!
  3. It followed me home

    I scored another load of new hammer bits. Stopped in at my local industrial surplus place and found these babies. 48" long, 3/4" shafts new old stock. I got them pretty cheap. My spring time stock of new chisels and punches! Probably summer, fall and winter for the next two years...... Stop in and get some JHCC!
  4. Motorcycle chain holddown

    I hear that! Going the this morning.. Got a great deal on a small blower.. $5.00 Picking up a welding table too..
  5. Forge Hoods Explained

    Hey Das, It's a big boy for sure! I have a pass through planned. I have to draw up the cut template..
  6. Motorcycle chain holddown

    Hi John, Please tell me you made two sets and have an extra set up just laying there waiting for some needy local smith. Ha!
  7. Forge Hoods Explained

    Well, I took advantage of the sunny day today and almost finished my new coal forge project. I bought another fire pot from Dave Custer and installed it. I really like those fire pots! I still have to mount my blower and the tabs for the small opening piece. The culvert stack is 16" diameter. The table size is 42" square. I bought this from my local industrial surplus store cheap. It was new and never used. It originally was a hopper made for the Philip Morris company. Now it's a forge/smokestack. How's that for irony! Thanks again for all of your input guys!
  8. Chimney

    I saw that video, That set up works great!
  9. Comb gauges to measure the hot stuff

    Yes, but..... I cannot laser cut steel... : (
  10. It followed me home

    Hmmm... My guess is either! LoL!
  11. It followed me home

    Here's an odd one... A friend gave me this miniature ladies razor set. He found in a box of dollar items he bought at garage sale while searching for old blacksmith tools. It has a very sharp tiny blade!
  12. It followed me home

    Oh, I forgot.. There is a lead supply place 2 miles from me. No shipping eh!~
  13. It followed me home

    Hey @JHCC, Come and get my propane lead melting pot!
  14. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    I'd be seeing psychedelic colors too!