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I Forge Iron

I Have Had It With This Coke!


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Then there's the scene in "The Usual Suspects" where Gabriel Byne's character declares rather forcefully the absence of cocaine on the ship they're searching. I can't repeat it here, as I'll be banned, but it's memorable.

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Thanks to All for chiming, your posts are nearly rhyming, but now I must confess, that the OP more or less, is a joke concerning Coke, but not.

For the sake of transparency, I have yet to forge with this material, but I intend to before Spring.

So the earnest question is:

Does anyone know whether Asphalt Pavement is more noxious in the forge than Bituminous Coal, both being based on Bitumen?

Guaranteed, there will be some OUTRAGEOUS  Clinker!

Thanks for your consideration,

Robert Taylor


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7 minutes ago, ThomasPowers said:

Asphalt is much more noxious than coal

Thanks, Thomas. More study on my end, and will look into scrubbing the exhaust.

I note that Asphalt Bitumen is derived from Petroleum, as opposed to Coal Bitumen.

I had understood that the Asphalt Bitumen was the result of driving off many of the Volatile Aromatics, as when we coke our coal. Granted, Asphalt Bitumen retains more elastic polymers (long chains) than Coal, I believe, But how many and how much harmful products do  we exhaust when forging with coal? 

Robert Taylor

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