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Have this small hammer head I found at the scrap yard. Liked the look of it and it does look hand forged, but if for a specific task I do not know. It sparks at least medium carbon, lots of fireworks, even though it has mushroomed on each end a bit. Any thoughts on that. Could I reshape it to do something else like punch holes. Any ideas.

Cheers David. 



hammer head 1.PNG

hammer head 2.PNG

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Those are good tips. So I think not to change it much from its intended use. Make it into a cross peen on one side and a round peen on the other. Might be handy for smaller jobs. Also will give flattening the sides of the hammer a go. Just something new to try out and did notice some of the hammers I got have small eyes. Might make one drift and in time re-widen them all to the same dimensions. Probably use rebar. That's all I have available for now that is thick enough. Went out to the farm today to grind some of those hammer heads from the scrap yard. Also started shaping a handle from a dry branch. Got it into a good shape using a machete and then remembered the sand paper disk I had for the angle grinder. Wow only a few minutes later and a huge amount of material gone. This was totally new to me, there is a first time for everything.  

John in Oly, WA, That is very true for many things. Sometimes it is just good to get started. 

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It really is a great food, like the taste as well and gives a lot of strength.

Am sure now it was jack fruit wood. Asked the local carpenter shop down the road. Also he recons teak would be a good wood. He also told me etti tree. Did a search and it is the strychnine tree, from what I can tell. Have my doubts about it as it is very poisons and I read even breathing in the dust can kill you. But don't hold me to it. There is often also a problem with language barriers. My lack of Malayalam. India has a lot of languages. One has to be extra careful here as the cycling of soil nutrients is very fast near the equator. That makes for tons more bugs, which in turn has a lot of plants evolve quite some nasty poisons. Even burning the wood for my forge could end up not great :)

Edit: OK did some more searching and the spelling he gave me was Etti, but is actually Eeti - Indian rose wood. 

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