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Anvil Identification Help two different ones

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I'm no expert by any stretch and the knowledgeable guys will show up soon enough...but, to my eye, the first has some serious Hay Budden credentials and looks to be in great shape.  The weld at the waist shows up quite obviously but I don't know if that's an issue.  The second also looks to be a Hay Budden but is smaller and stockier.  I'm just going by the narrow waist and long profile.  Don't do anything more than wire wheel them and then put them to work!  They don't need to be ground down, painted or made beautiful.

The wire wheel will reveal any markings that are hidden.  In reality, the only thing that matters is whether or not they work.  Try testing them with a ball bearing or light hammer taps to see if they still have rebound.



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Could be a camer angle thing.  It just looks more stubby than the first. It has definitely seen a lot more use than the first anvil.  Some serious cutting happened on the cutting face of that girl.  Take a wire wheel to the sides and you will start hearing from the real gurus.  Either way, they are both really nice.

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