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  1. I would say normally under 100 pounds but you never know when deep sea fishing what you will pull up. I will be making a steel gaff to go along with it. I am thinking 3/8in square stock, with twists, for decoration.
  2. Well I know copper work hardens but was thinking it may work, may just have to try it and see, if it works.
  3. Ok so I am getting ready to make some custom fishing gaffs. I want them to be functional and beautiful, I was wondering has anyone ever made or would it even hold up, to have a gaff made from copper or bronze?
  4. the bottom and the cleaned up as best as i could front foot
  5. Here are the pictures in the link I guess the link may not be working
  6. The smaller is a Hay Budden for sure The other i could not find anything identifying on it. drive-download-20170818T022658Z-001.zip
  7. I will get some, i took all these last night I am currently at work so I will have to get more pictures when I go back to my shop.
  8. I will try and get a wire bush after them this week and some better pictures. Here is one other pic I had from the second anvil.
  9. The second is actually the larger of the two, my mouse hole is about 120 pounds and about he same as the first, the second is probably closer to 180 pounds or 200 pounds.
  10. I am quite happy about getting the equipment and that it will not be sold at auction. The forge table I will be using when I get my shop set up is the one that my grandfather taught me how to build and control a coal fire in. This table will hopefully be my new main coal forge.
  11. I inherited both of these anvils have not had time to try and clean them up no identifying marks that I can find. The first two are one anvil the second two are another.
  12. Hello, I am Tyler. I have been in and out of the hobby of blacksmithing for 10 to 15 years. I learned from my grandfather who just recently passed away and left me all of his equipment. So I am now trying to set a shop up so I can get back into the hobby full swing. I will be posting in some of the other forms to see if yall can help me identify somethings.
  13. She is from Montana, we are in Missouri. I am hoping to try and get some of the equipment. When I get all of the stuff out of my truck, I will get some pictures.
  14. Thank you sir, I have a small Champion rivet forge I currently use. My mother is executor but everything has to be split with my aunt who wants to sell everything. I have what I guess to mate is about 10 to 12 thousand dollars at fair market in the back of my truck right not that I took from his house so that it would not be stolen. What is bad is this is only his metal working stuff. I have not even started to going threw his antique wood working tools, which is everything from draw knifes, coopering tools, bowl making, box planes, rabbit planes, and new stuff like lathes and saws. He was a retired Navy man, and loved to learn and do new things. In the last few years he started wood carving and was very good. He loved to teach and and pass on his knowledge, I was very lucky.
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