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Mini anvil?


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 I have some vague memory of seeing similar to close up the end loops on detachable chain.  Don't quote me there.  Typically there were 3 common sizes of detachable chain used on the farm which matches the 3 pockets.  Sometimes you need to close those loops because they get too loose from use and the chain self-detaches unless kept too tight.

Here is an example of a chain breaker tool for detachable chain with a chain in it for those who aren't familiar with this style of chain.


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I have tried for quite some time to figure out what this is.  It weighs 1lb 3oz and has six ring shaped slots on the top.  I'm hoping someone on here can help me figure this out so I can put an end to trying to think of words to use in various search engines to find it.  Thanks in advance.




If I had spent some time reading some of these threads, I would have found that I wasn't the first to ask about this very anvil.  Sorry for the duplicate question.  Appears from a prior thread that this is a Rope Halter Anvil for making rope ties...  Months of searching and I finally post the question on a forum, only to find the answer minutes later on same forum...  Unbelievable!!!

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Thank you.  I've learned my lesson and have already found a lot of interesting information on here.  I will certainly spend more time looking through all of the threads before asking a previously answered question again...  This is a great site, and I'm glad to have finally found it. 

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