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Bought my first anvil today

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My "new to me" anvil

Hay Budden 1913

I'm pretty sure I paid too much for it, but I just fell in love. I've been looking for an anvil for a couple years now. (seriously about 3 months)   I just got sick of using an old rail road splice plate.  I paid 775 for the anvil. And I got a post vice that is in great condition for 75.

Image link removed due to language.

The original image size for EACH photo was 3.5 x 6 FEET (1 meter x 2 meters) and 45 megs. Images were reduced in size and inserted into directly into the post.

anvil save 01.jpg

anvil save 02.jpg

anvil save 03.jpg


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On 8/4/2017 at 10:30 PM, Nhvalentine said:

I live in La Plata, MD.  about an hour south of DC.  I got the anvil however in small town in central VA.  I drove 3 hours to get it. Gordonsville, VA to be exact.

I lived in Waldorf until 2006 and used to hit golf balls at the range in La Plata on 301 :-)  Welcome, and nice find on the anvil.  Any idea what it weighs?

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