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  1. Not sure how heavy it is but looks to be in great shape, post vise sounds like a great deal. Took me a while to find my first anvil too.
  2. looks good, great simple design need to build one for my 139# Peter Wright
  3. Looks like a decent deal, they are great anvils and no they do not ring too loud, you will enjoy it, I really like mine. Doug
  4. the horn is shaped like the small bench top Columbian that I have. Doug
  5. 225# dated 1942 in great shape picked up this summer for $250
  6. This is the Fisher anvil I picked up yesterday do not know much of its history other than the date of 1942, and that it belonged to an old friends father and got a good price on it. Doug
  7. ddwilson


    Side view of anvil recently picked up
  8. ddwilson


    Fisher anvil I picked up yesterday
  9. Thanks, I scraped off some of the paint you are correct it is 1942, I will take some pictures today and get them to you but did not see a number for the size. Doug
  10. I just picked up a fisher anvil today that is in very good shape and a price I could not pass up. it has 1842 under the heel and what appear to be roman numerals L III on the left side and a 0 on the right. Does that tell the weight and would 1842 be when it was made? I am more familiar with the Peter Wright and stone weights this is the first Fisher I have seen. Thanks, Doug
  11. my first anvil came from a southern Indiana auction it is a small columbian about 40# did not realize it was quite as small as it is but makes a nice little bench top flat surface but is in near perfect condition. The second one is a Peter Wright about 120#, mentioned to a neighbor that I was looking for a decent size anvil to start out on, a friend of theirs had this one and sold it to me at a real good price. Edges are not perfectly square but close and top is pretty flat.
  12. I usually put two or three wads of newspaper in and a few sticks or scraps of wood light it and when it is burning fairly decent start putting air to it and adding coal, and keep putting air to it. It has never failed to work yet
  13. My sister thought I was nuts when I said I wanted coal for Christmas
  14. Looks like someone has been pounding on cold metal for a long time. If you can get it for about half what he is asking and use it to hold hardy tools and small portions of the edge that is left until you find a better one. If you tell enough people what you are looking for a better one will probably show up, but it takes patience, I looked for about 6 months before a real nice Peter Wright landed in my garage.
  15. looks like you got a good deal to me, I picked up a 127 lbs Peter Wright on Sat and paid just under 2 /lbs and thought I got a good deal. Looks like you are set now enjoy.
  16. This is my second anvil, the first one is a 35# Columbian that looks even better but little smaller than I wanted. I just picked up a 127# anvil at just under $2 pound seems to be in pretty good shape. From what I can read on it and what I have seen on here I think it is a Peter Wright. The end under the horn has a 0 on each side, can make out what appears to be Wright and Patent along with solid wrought above the weight. Doug
  17. I agree do not give up, I had been looking for a about 6 months and a friend metioned it to a guy they know and he said he had a couple I could chose from, the next day got an email from someone else with a lead so may wind up with 2 or 3 before the week is over.
  18. It will have more surface to weld if it is square. Also, make sure you flux it before the surfaces to be welded are touching that way both surfaces are clean before they go together.
  19. Thanks, It does have a plug on it. I thought it just needed to get up to the area round the shaft but was not sure. Planning on getting it back together and claying it this weekend. Doug
  20. This is a picture of the blower, will try and get a picture of the gear box side tonight
  21. How much and what type of oil should I put in the gears on a Champion hand crank type blower. I took it apart and cleaned it up and painted the housing, but not sure how far up the gears the oil should be. Any suggestions? Doug
  22. Brandon, thanks for the info will check with Dan, will be out that way next weekend. Steve, thanks for the offer if Dan does not have any couple hundred pounds will last me quite a while. Doug
  23. Does anyone know where I can get coal around Indianapolis, IN? I have been looking but have not found a source in the Indy area. Thanks, Doug
  24. No problem I figured if I had a question others would as well. Too bad about the forge cracking, that is what a friend had said but did not say how to line it.
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