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Fire resistant paint


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Your local Benjamin Moore dealer will have access to Insul-X LFR-110 fire retardant latex paint.  Most paint dealers order once or twice a week this time of year. Price will vary from approx. $ 75.00 to $110.00 or so. So, I'd call more than one dealer and see what they will do for you. 

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19 minutes ago, jeremy k said:

JHCC - re-read the original post.

I read the original post. I'm still wondering why someone would need fire-resistant paint for a quench tank frame -- and that's speaking as someone who uses a coal forge with a wooden frame. 

In other words, a quench tank isn't an application that's generally exposed to flame, unless the OP is planning to use it for oil quenching. In that case, I'd recommend a metal frame anyway, but without knowing the OP's intent, it's hard to make a recommendation -- and that's why I asked.

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He's just being over cautious which is a lot better than taking risks he doesn't need to. Keeping flammable debris cleaned up like papers, wood shavings, etc. is a lot better precaution than treating lumber with flame retardents. Lumber takes a little work to get burning so if you do't leave HOT steel on it for a while it's not a problem.

Frosty The Lucky.

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