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 Machinery's Handbook


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 Machinery's Handbook Copyright 1914

Lots of good stuff in this book,  in hardcover (1914 edition) from Google Books here: http://www.woodworkslibrary.com/repository/machinery_handbook_for_machine_shop_and_drafting_room_1914.pdf  which has the same section as well as info on making tongs, heat treating...

Only 1400 pages so pack a lunch and a cold drink. (grin)

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I'm glad this one came up.  recent editions are rather pricey.  looked at editions from 49, 55, 65 which could be had quite reasonably.  would one be missing much by getting a 55 edition?  also there is a Machinery's Handbook tool box guide and floor or field guide( I don't remember for sure) which are abridged to make them more user friendly as the full monty is rather hefty.  are those abridged editions worth it?  

As to the books section on the site.  Glen probably my advance age, but not finding them. looked a few times.  


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Look under the division title MISC DISCUSSIONS, (4 groups up from the bottom of the forum) which has

Introduce Yourself

Events, Hammer ins, Where to meet

------> Book Reviews <------- click here 1,259 posts

Farriers and Horse stuff

Everything Else

Shop Tips n' Tricks

Gunsmithing, Muskets, Flintlocks etc


It is a large site, Sometimes you can overlook things.

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Well I have several hundred books; but not knowing anything about WHAT you want reference books on I don't know if I should commend to your attention "Egyptian Metalworking and Tools" or "Das Zweischneidige Schwert der Germanischen Völkerwanderungszeit" or "Introduction to Knifemaking" or "The American Prison" for it's pictures of smithys set up in prisons. What about the ASM Handbooks for information on alloys and heat treating? "Early American Wrought iron"?  The 1897 Sears Roebuck catalog?

Can you help us narrow things down a bit?

MotoMike; for smithing you usually want a 13th edition or earlier; for modern high tech work you want a recent one.without knowing what you need it for the question is moot. I have a 23rd edition bought new from the library store for US$5---nobody checked it out so it was "deaccessioned" and my wife got it for me. It does fine for speeds and feeds for my type of tooling.

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