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  1. Small world, no? Will take a look. There is a few between here and Austin that seem to have not gone nuts with their pricing in the interest of prompting the craft. I see honor in such individuals! Cheers!
  2. Yes sir. I have been hanging around IFI as a visitor for a while. Was impressed with the knowledge base. Decided to join. Plan on making a striking anvil and small forge. Will continue to keep an eye out for a "proper" anvil. Refuse to feed the buying frenzy of $6+/lb current climate. Would love to get my hands on a 125ish lb HB, eventually. Cheers!
  3. I may start with billets to get acquainted with installing and dressing bone slabs prior to the forging side of the issue. That I can begin now relatively easy prior to investing in a forge and anvil of some sort. Ultimately, I will be forging my own though. Thanks for the response. Cheers!
  4. My goal is to craft Damascus drop point blades suitable for game dressing/skinning. Something I've been wanting to do for decades. Nearing retirement, I'm gathering information and equipment to be able to implement my plan. Working as a piping/mechanical designer in the offshore platform industry (aka "designing navigational hazards") I've served my time in fab yards and machine shops. Always fascinated with the artisans and craftsmen who often took time to explain and demonstrate their "tricks". Over a summer in high school, I worked for a farrier, which I think, sparked the blacksmith fa
  5. I've got a seventeenth edition sixth printing 1966 copy. Tons of information. Any other reference books recommended?
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