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Anvil Id no markings

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I saw this anvil and thought it would make a good shop anvil for my step dad.  Especially for the price of $175.  It was painted green and I was assuming it was probably a PW.  When I got home, I cleaned off the paint, and found no marks at all.  And yes, it is welded to the stand.

Weight ???,  I am guessing 250lbs + another 50lbs for the stand.  It was a bear to wrestle into the back seat of the Impala.

Face - 4 7/8" x 15 1/2"

Horn - 9"

Height - 11"

Base - 9 1/4" x 11 1/2"

Hardy hole - 1 1/4"  Pritchel - 5/8"






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Yeah I was thinking the same thing (wanting to see the bottom).  I'm kind of up in the air about grinding the welds off.  It was bought as just a beater shop anvil and it is pretty solid as it sits.  But I'm the curious type, so I will probably grind off the welds this weekend.


As for the dimensions and hardy size, do you think 250lbs is about right for the weight?  If I take it off the stand I can throw it on the scales.  But as it is, I think it is too much for the scales right now.

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As the volume is what drives the weight I can't guess unless someone has the EXACT same one and has weighed it.

Pretty easy to make the waist smaller and get quite a different weight value.  Why don't you weigh it? That stand doesn't look very useful, I'd grind the wells and put it on a better stand---you can adjust the height for the user too!

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If the face is almost 5" wide you are in the 275 to 300# range.  The confirmation, especially the smooth chamfer on the neck under the horn, would make me lean towards P Wright. Hardy holes were available in any size by request, my first Peter Wright was 150# and had a 1.25" hardy hole.  

I would cut it off that stand, the old girl deserves better.  Looks like someone managed to kludge a weld onto a cinder block.  

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