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Found another lovely PW

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Be sure the edges are razor sharp and the horn is sharp as a needle. If you're going to do it go all the way. 

Nice score, she's a beauty.

Frosty The Lucky. (I got it the instant I read it. Good one though.)

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I always check the ads for anvils. It's not easy to find anything decent down here.

 Occasionally something comes up but usually at outrageous prices. To a point that Refflinghaus new is cheaper. I kid you not.

Example ... wanting price is $1000. According to the owner he already refused an offer of $700. That's alright with me. Offer and demand I suppose. To me it's worth about $50.

That PW came up out of the blue. Well used but not abused, have yet to get the story. Good ring and rebound, minus the edges (I will weld and make razor sharp again just like from factory.) :)

Paid $1100 after a bit of bargaining down from $1500. 



Now I'm committed to make a nice base for it. May be a variable height one (?) wait an see. I am very slow with projects since the list is long. Currently renovating my veranda, now that is some monkey business ... :)

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On ‎3‎/‎06‎/‎2017 at 9:35 PM, Scrambler82 said:

A biggin, nice score !

How do you move it ?

It's coming on a truck from interstate, that's the easy part. They will load it on a trailer with a forklift at the truck's depot. Then it's up to me. I can reverse the tailer up a (steep) hill and onto the side of the workshop. From there I drop it on a piece of plywood sitting on top of a car tyre and put it on a trolley and wheel it in the shop. There I have a chain pack attacked to a beam to lift it on a stand ... when I have made one  

If I ever find a 600 lb anvil, the procedure will likely be different :)

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