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  1. I'm getting married!

    Congratulations!! I have purchased your products, and plan to buy more in the future, thanks so much for your work, and again congratulations on your upcoming wedding.
  2. Show me your Bottle Openers!

    Double WOW, you have done some inspirational work here, your ax opener intrigues me to no end. Is it two piece, now did you clean it back into the white as small as it is? Please don't answer I am just complimenting your work, not trying to steal it. You do nice blacksmith work.
  3. Hardy Dilemma

    I had the same problem Lou with my Peter Wright, the hardy hole was 1 1/4"+ at the top but I could only get a 1" hardy shank into it, and it wobbled, and usually could not be turned 90 degrees. I figured that filling wrought could not be that hard so I started in with good files working 10 - 15 minutes a day. After about 3 weeks I had made some progress but still had a long way to go, so I bought this 1/2" X 18" mini belt sander, it did the job, still took several hours but I did not even ware out the belt. These mini belt sanders sell in the $80 range which may be more than you can justify but for me it worked.. It is so nice now to have a square straight 1 1/4" hardy hole and an adapter for 1" hardies. By the way, you will still need files to sq the corners.
  4. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    John, cool story, thanks.
  5. DC, nice anvil you have there, no kidding. It can be repaired. See this thread for discussion on welding wrought. Figure out what the base of this anvil is made of and weld the thing back together. Easy Pesy. you.
  6. Questions on Ribbon Burners

  7. Setting up shop in a 12x7 shed

    Chuck M. Frosty's idea is the best, go to You Tube, search Bucket Mouse trap. It is easy and cheap to make, and it sounds like you have a bunch of mice, this is the easy way to get rid of them.
  8. Setting up shop in a 12x7 shed

    Nice looking smithy you have there Chuck. I don't see any vents in the roof, you are going to need them, even with the doors and windows open, trust me on this. And Chuck I strongly suggest you buy a Carbon Monoxide detector for that small space especially with a new forge, it will not only protect you but help you tune your forge correctly. Costco has battery operated detectors for $28, the battery operates for 10 years which is several years longer than a CO element will last and it operates as a thermometer when not detecting CO. You are going to have fun in there.
  9. Questions on Ribbon Burners

    Good Work edennis, that hum you hear may be normal as I have it on mine as well. Your burner looks similar to mine, 3"x3"X6" with 14 ports, I get a hum by increasing the air from a soft blue flame to a much clearer, slightly purple flame. By the time the air pressure is increased to the clearer flame the hum has gone away. If the ball valve is working for you I say keep it, the gate valve is nice, but the cheap ones cost $40 for the 2" pipe which is what I bought.
  10. This came out today in the local craigslist, Vancouver Iron and Steel. It is stamp 70lbs and advertised as such. It looks like it may have lost some weight to me.
  11. Jasen's smithing progression.

    Thanks for sharing this link, I had missed it. He really did some good work on that chunk of steel and the lift. But for the life of me I can not understand all the sharp edges, I could see one sharp edge and the rest at different angles or radius's. I don't know what the use of even one sharp edge would be, but maybe a quick way to mark a line in metal?
  12. Frosty Burner - help tuning the burner

    Hi Frosty. In the post above mine Matthew states that he has never got the burn to light up. I thought that he was saying never ever did it ignite. Sorry for jumping in.
  13. Frosty Burner - help tuning the burner

    Hi Mathew, I don't want to jump in between Frosty and Mikey as they are the experts here, but I think I can save you some time as they seem to be busy today. I can't get you running perfectly, but I think I can get you started. Your burner should at least ignite no matter how long or short your tip is, or how your flare is made. You are not getting gas to the burner IMO. Do you have a high pressure regulator? I see you have a pressure gauge, what does it say? I looks like you have a needle valve, is that true? Do you know if it works correctly? Are you sure that the safety shutoff within your propane tank is not activating? Make sure you do not have a piece of tape or joint paste in the path of the gas. If you have compressed air, use it to test, remove the propane hose and shoot some air into the brass T, you should be able to feel the air come out of your MIG Tip. If you have another propane tank try it, I have hit the tank valve lightly on the screw valve handle with a hammer at times, not sure if this is recommended, but it has worked at times on a balking BBQ. Hope this helps, at least it will keep you busy until the real help arrives.
  14. Hello

    Great idea on the anvil stump, I assume you used a chainsaw to do that. If you have been looking around the forum you probably have seen the recommendation to mount your railroad track avail vertically as you get a much more rigid surface, all be it a much smaller surface. If you could find another piece of track and another stump you could improve your anvil situation a lot.
  15. Can we see some more letter openers?

    Me too! Very disappointing.