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grizzley vibration

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I have a Grizzly 2x72 that has been running fairly well. About a week ago it developed a serious vibration that got proggressivly worse. I checked the contact wheel and shaft for run out with an indicator. It showed only .0002 so that doesnt seem to be the problem. I removed the 10 inch wheel and installed the 8 and - no vibration! I ground about a dozen blades on the 10 inch before it started doing this and it has no visible damage. I have just started a new job so havent gotten to try switching back yet. Any Ideas what is wrong? Could it just be dust build up?


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4 minutes ago, rockstar.esq said:

Applied Behavioral Analysis testing? 

"Tell me wheel, why do you think you're getting wobbly?"

More like "Wheel, this vibration is an unexpected behavior!"

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I can identify the problem as being the 10 inch wheel. I see no visible damage. There are no tears, bumps or holes in the rubber. The bore looks ok and there isnt any build up on the hub anymore, but still it vibrates terribly. The dial indicator shows no out of round or wobble. Could the rubber have embedded with metal shavings I cant see?  It does look somewhat worn, after less than 2 months, but not to a point where it looks ragged. From the begining both wheels seemed very soft. I wonder if it may be possible to replace the rubber tires? Is there an ideal durometer for contact wheels? Is there a good product for this?  My next step will be to turn an arbor for the lathe and see if I can sand the face a smidge and smooth things out. Then to build a balancer...


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1 hour ago, jason0012 said:

I contacted Grizzly and they sent me a new wheel. Problem solved, but I still would like to know why it took a crap on me suddenly like it did.


You looked like a statue to it?

Frosty The Lucky. 

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