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First attempts

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the only 2 issue's she had was getting a light enough hammer that she could handle and then hitting where she was aiming hard enough to actually move the metal. I ended up giving her a light weight roofing hammer but she was too concerned with not hitting the anvil face to really put any effort into her swings.

I'm going to put one of my RR tracks into a bucket of sand for her to hammer on, that way she doesn't have to worry about dinging it.

I was real happy with what she was able to do though.

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It looks to me like she is doing great for starting. You could either make a hammer and not harden it which is what I do for the less skilled who want to hit something in my shop, or you could anneal a cheap hammer not only will this protect your anvil but they will bounce less so she might have all her teeth when she is done. :rolleyes:

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