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  1. so, I have a project I've become involved in and I have a problem. I've been assigned the task of taking some steel from a specific source, and find a way to render it down into sheet metal in the 18-ish gauge range. The problem i'm not really working with enough material to deal with a large rolling mill, and I'm hoping the great folks that inhabit the world of hammers and forges might be able to steer me in the right direction. And i'm not really totally sure of the quantities yet...Pounds at least, 100's of pounds possibly. If it works out it could be an ongoing project. Any help
  2. Rio Grande https://www.riogrande.com/home/ Jewelry supply
  3. I'm kinda surprised you can't find a stump out in eastern washington acutally. I managed to find several in downtown portland. They cost me 10 bucks each, but 10 bucks for a 4 foot log 16 inches across is a pretty good deal imo. I contacted a place that deals in firewood. They were very nice and intrigued by what I had planned. They were a big help.
  4. as I was just learning how to work everything I spent a lot of time burning propane and not acutally doing anything except figuring stuff out. I've unfortunatly parked my forge for the summer and moved on to making products I can sell that don't require fuel to produce(other then me eating). Hopefully I'll be able to get back at it in the winter, when my summer markets close up.
  5. I keep seeing people bring up the idea of drinking milk as a way to of set metal fume fever. And while I'm convinved you all have pointed out that it doesn't work. I'd like to point out (among other reasons) why. Milk, when drunk goes in your stomach. Zinc fumes, when inhaled, go in your lungs. Seems to me even the logic of trying it is bad. The two are in diffrent places unless you like inhaling your milk or breathing through your stomach, both which seem to me to be a triffle uncomfortable.
  6. I love the english, Label an anvil in Kilos, or CWT. and still talk about price per pound. No wonder I watch so much BBC.(Top gear!)
  7. I work with a group of artists that i use to keep my store stocked and they have been telling me steel prices are up something between 25 to 60 percent depending. Happily when buying steel art steel is still really cheep compared to the labor, but these things are gonna effect the economy in major ways. The shocking fall of the doller is the biggest cause, The export of Iron Ore from the US to other countries to make steel doesn't help. Energy prices are hurting it too. Almost 30 years of Supply side economic theory running Washington DC is coming home to roost.
  8. You could build a roller. I'll bet if you put anything close to 3/8ths by 2 inch steel in that ebay roller the thing would choke and die. For the price of that one you could build this one i'll bet. Then you'll know exactly what you have. It's a neat design, I want to make one myself. It's only flaw is the top roller doesn't come loose. I'm sure the design could be modified to fix that. metalartistforum ring roller
  9. Rings are usually cast when using other materials. What about starting with a small bit of pipe?
  10. I have to imagine that bellows lose the "undying" appeal after a while. Running a hammer for long hours is work enough.
  11. I think you'll find there aren't generally blacksmith supply stores in anyone neck of the woods. Borax is fairly easy. Look around the laundry detergents in the local grocery store. Coal I don't know anything about, but if you don't have your forge built/found/purchased already you might consider going with propane. It's cleaner, usually easier to find and if your just learning takes less time to learn how to tend the fire.
  12. Prolly would have been best to start a new thread rather then dredge up a thread from 2006.
  13. Frostfly..It's a permutation of sorts. When I got started on the Net (back when AOL was by the hour) I was using the name Xavier Frost...which was a left over from a video game (ultima 5 acutally) As time went on I found Xavier Frost had been stolen and a lot of other people were using it so I used Lurker for a bit. After a particularly nasty relationship I started the Yahoo Name Lost_in_the_Frost(still my email) but that's a bit long for most things, and rather a mouthful so I combined it with another game name, Firefly and ended up with frostfly. I've been on the Internet for 15 years no
  14. The rain just makes you enjoy the sun that much more :-)
  15. I have an odd question. Big laser cut rigs that are used for cutting plate etc. I'm wondering if there is a way to set the "depth" of the cut. For instance..can you cut one side out of a chunk of pipe. or(as is my intrest) cut one side of a coil of wire to get very clean cut rings. I suppose I could ask the same question about water jet cutters.
  16. I'm gonna guess that your not all that old shaun. I'm pretty new to the metalworking world too, but let me pass out a bit of advice to make it easier on you to get started. READ EVERYTHING: if you read a lot (and you can find gobs of info on the net) you won't have to ask a question of someone everytime you have an idea. I spent almost a year reading before I started acutally forging anything that looked decent. Don't Rush into it. This isn't a fly by night hobbby, take your time and spend your limited resources on the right items. I still regret the 200+ dollars I dumped into the f
  17. Building anything interesting right now? We've talked a ton about anvils, and scrap prices and a gob of other topics, but there has been a lack of stuff people have made. Insipired by the picture that Glenn posted on the front page and in hopes of being able to give something cool to a girl I was gonna on a date with I made up this little flower.
  18. Frostfly

    Spring Flowers

    A daffodil I made.
  19. I can explain this, but it requires a economics lecture and a politics lecture which I'm sure you don't want to hear. Short. Bad economics policy over the last 8 (or 28 depending on how you look) has produced a situation where the US doller is at a record low level. Because OPEC has decided that the US doller is the basis for the price of oil and we use a LOT of oil prices for oil products in the US have skyrocketted. Oh and invading an unstable region where most oil comes from and making it MORE unstable doesn't help any either. The American doller is crashing. The next 10-20 year
  20. Feel free to stop off at my place on the way by and drop a few items off :-) Or if your interested in reselling some of the items I might be interested.
  21. Sorry about your dog. Losing a pet can be just like losing a family member. I agree with the rest of your post. I live in the US. I grew up around some guns, but my Father is a Vietnam vet and his opinions on guns is very negative and I've adopted a lot of that feeling. People in the US are too worried about Protecting themselves vs protecting society. Honestly if your man enough to kill someone be man enough to do it up close and personal. If you want to stop crime you can't look at your house and ask" how can i make myself safer". You have to look at society in general. People
  22. If your gonna build a propane forge you need to make sure you have the basics, Usually for a propane forge you have 3 main parts. The body, the LIning and the burner. Sounds like you have the body already. so you need to worry about the lining. There are a gob of diffrent refractories out there you can use. Kaowool(or any of the soft ceramic battings) is very populer for round shapes as you can form it in easily. You could also use a cast refractory. My first forge was Kaowool. It worked fairly well. next you have to think about the burner. 2 main choices, Blown or venturi. A lot o
  23. On a clear day I can see the top of Mt. St. Helens... Love the benches, makes me wanna drop a sheet of 1/4 inch plate on top of them.
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