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Soderfors Paragon 168lb anvil and stand

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So back in September of last year I came across a 1928 Soderfors Paragon 168lb anvil in excellent condition. This thing rings like a church bell and the ball bearing test probably has 90% or better rebound.

Unfortunately due to moving twice in 2 months (long story) I never got the chance to put this fine anvil to work.  So a few days ago, I decided that since I have my workshop just about setup (cleaned out of moving boxes) I would build a proper stand and get my anvil ready to do some work.  

The stand is built out of treated 2x6 lumber that I had left over after a deck project.  The finished stand probably weights in at 50-60lbs.
The stand was assembled with construction adhesive and deck screws.

Here is the almost finished setup.  I'll be adding about 10' of chain later today to dampen the ringing.  
Only other thing I have to do is fabricate some way to roll this around when it isn't in use.



Here are a few pics of the anvil and its new stand.

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I took the video with my phone (Google Pixel XL).  It has a feature to shoot slow motion video.
It records the video at 240 frames per second then when you play it back at 30fps it appears to be in slow motion.
Many of the newer phones have similar slow motion features.

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I LOVE your slo mo rebound test, the sound is perfect. If you put your anvil on a more rigid stand I'll bet the rebound improves, not significantly but it'll be there. It's a beautiful stand but not as rigid as it should be. Just standing the lumber on end and screwing & gluing it together will make a more rigid stand. No need to set it on a table top,just the end grain has less yield.

A chain will help damp the ring but it's still pretty brutal if you miss a blow, especially on the heal or horn.

I put my Soderfors on a steel tripod and it damped the ring to tolerable levels, even hitting horn or heal doesn't make your ears ring all night.

You're going to LOVE that beauty.

Frosty The Lucky.


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1 hour ago, ThomasPowers said:

"Nothing is so permanent as a temporary solution!"

So true!  

My daughter is starting welding classes at the local college and she will need a project to practice on.  So I figured if I don't get around to building it, I'll have her do it.

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