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Blower stand to tong rack


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I have a smallish steel table I built years ago, it has a rim around and I made hammer / tong racks that simply clip over the rim. I'd planned on making a slanted free standing rack more of the clip on racks would clip to. Slanted so tong and hammer handles wouldn't interfere with the next rack down. The idea was I could store hammers and tongs by type out of the way and hang the ones I was using for that job on my table. The table is also excellent for demos. The tree got me before I got the storage rack built but maybe someday.

Frosty The Lucky.

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3 hours ago, Ridgewayforge said:

....  cabinets full of drawers ....

I have some heavy-duty commercial bread loaf pans, made in gangs of four, that should just about fit under wood pallets.  A stack of those could make a dandy "chest-o-drawers".  Thanks for the inspiration!

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Very nice idea.  I just happen to have an old cast iron blower stand that needs something done with it since the blower was rusted solid and had to be trashed.

I wonder how many concentric rings I could make to maximize the capacity before it got too big???

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