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Curved Handle Garden Trowel

Frank B

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18 hours ago, Frank B said:

I have been forging railroad spikes into garden trowels for years.  I think this is my best version to date and with the curved handle it sits nicely in your hand. 

Nice looking job, may I make a suggestion, I think an extra quarter twist on the handle before drawing out the blade would make it more comfortable a fit for fingers to grip, what do you think?

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Way to go Frank, Most of my customers seemed to have slimmer fingers than I have for some reason, and the ladies like a smooth edge. Keep the clients happy, even do a sample twist in the opposite direction to one shown for the lefties.

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11 hours ago, bobasaurus said:

Looks great, I might have to try making one.  Was all the steel from the spike originally, or did you have to weld on extra?  Seems like a lot to draw out from a single spike.  

I think, (we'll have to wait and see what he says) that he thinned down the handle of the spike so that he would have enough steel for the blade.


or at least that's how I would do it.....


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No extra metal was added and I started with a standard / large 6.75" railroad spike. And yes I did thin down the handle to move more metal to the blade. I have made a lot of these in 3 or 4 different styles and I am getting a little better at forging to shape so there is less loss due to grinding at the end. 

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