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Record #52 vise


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It's a good woodworker's vice and "worth" $ 20 to $ 40 depending on location but it's tied to a boat anchor that'd cost most people more hassle in moving (and/or disposing) than the vice is worth.

I'd hand you $ 25 for the vice right now (unless the photos distort the size and it's one of the small ones) if there was no shipping involved.  Records are good woodworker vices.

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One of the nice features of this vice is the "quick release" lever, just to the right of the screw. Pull that up to disengage the nut, and you can slide the vise open with one hand. Put in your workpiece, slide the vise shut, give the handle a half-turn, and you're good to go.

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I would say record is better than a mediocre brand. They are one of the better woodworkers vise of this type, good quality casting and made of good steel. I think they stopped production a few years ago, but just like machinist vices, these are better than the made in xxxxx crap you will find today at the big box store. I see these going for $40 to $50 used pretty often. I've had mine taking abuse for about 15 years and it is still going strong. just attach two wood cheeks to it where they provide screw holes for that purpose.

update: it seems Irwin bought the tooling and brand about 10-12 years ago and is making them now in taiwan. the british made ones are very good and if you can pick a 52 or 53 up cheap, go for it.

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