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I thought it would be interesting to see pictures of everyone's forges. Every forge is basically the same in that you need a firepot and an air source, but beyond that the builds can be very different, and as someone still fairly new I would like to see what everyone else is working with. I need to be able to move my forge 15 feet out of the shed and back right now, but I'm hoping to build a permanent one in the shed in the next year or so. It may also help newcomers to get some good ideas to help them out with their design. There are a lot of individual threads, some with pictures you can still see, others with lost pictures, but I thought it would be interesting to see everyone's own forge. 

I just built a larger forge, still using the original brake drum from my original smaller one, pictured below, but I didn't like that the lip of the drum stuck out like it did. It was intentional at the time, but live and learn right? The new one I built is 24"x30", and now the drum will drop straight through so the top is level with the table, held up by two brackets I welded underneath. I haven't cut slots in the sides yet for longer stock, but I will when the need arises. Still using a T underneath with a blow dryer. Obviously, i went for functionality vs looks, because who cares if it's pretty as long as it turns steel orange and yellow right?

 I did weld another piece of pipe to the bottom of the T that you can KIND of see with the original forge, instead of my ash dump just being the bottom of the T, I'll try to remember to get a picture of it







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I'm not usualy a fan of brake drum forges, as to me they are a PITA. To build, and 2" fitting just add an unnesisary cost. That said, many smiths started with one, and many still use one and do exelent work. 

I personally think that the early one peice brake drum and hub provided a ready alternative to cast tuyere for some, but their are other ways to do this that are in my opinion less work/expense. 

Now after all that you have a nice forge their

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42 minutes ago, Kevin_Olson said:

Here's my clothes dryer forge. Disk brake rotor firepot and im using thr dryer fan for the blower. I have a nice slide gate for air control that works great. 

I really like that!

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