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  1. Yes, I clearly have no value whatsoever and will leave! trying to figure out how to delete account though.....
  2. Really?? This was just to illustrated a point, or reasonable question relevant to the discussion. Based on Rockstar's response it was probably a good one.
  3. Occasionally though you see some things like this- Link to esty sales site removed. Tons of sales, he's getting good prices too. What is the secret to this? Obviously you have to do much work to promote the Etsy store to get the traffic to yours, you can't just put a few things up and expect everyone to find it right away... but what are these people doing to get it?
  4. Thank you! Great stuff. Having had some exposure to both, it's very interesting the different ideas and approaches to the same thing you see between American and British steam locos. Plate vs. bar or cast frames, they don't use mechanical stokers, they don't wear gloves while running (and look surprised if you ask!) they may hold a rag in their hand instead. Cleaner design, lighter, less appliances etc., and naturally built to smaller clearances, it goes on... Very neat!
  5. I too tried this- Industrial Coverage Corp? Phone calls ,emails, paper mailed app form, online app form, no reply at all. Don't know what could be going on there. It became obvious that if a certificate of insurance to get into a show or god forbid a claim needed? If they won't even sell it then after the sale does not look good. Talked with the owner of a local Erie agency that took the time to hear story- pictures of work were needed, a few lengthy phone calls to clarify what it is you do, trouble is it is not a clean fit into a normal category. Artist, sculptor, ornamental iron was able to fit apparently but it took some time to figure out.
  6. I recently visited Barcelona, and noticed a new to me finish/ coating / metal paint. This appeared to be common on very much of the outdoor metal work from Gaudi decorative iron elements to normal gates, fences, and even water fountains. It resembles and feels to the touch like a newly sandblasted surface with a bit darker color- close to graphite. Appears very similar to graphite mixed with a binder but is not slippery, in fact has a gritty texture, satin finish with barely visible sparkles as though it contains some fine abrasive. Looks so close to a metal surface it's hard to tell it's paint, except where it's chipped. A little googling turned up mentions of "Hammerite" paint- however the pictures of Hammerite really do not resemble what I saw. Type of thing I've been looking for forever but not seen! Had no luck trying to find out on the short trip... Anybody know what this stuff is?
  7. What cylinder bore and pump size?
  8. Me too! Sadly, last time I went- about a month ago they were just closing the door for good. Literally just as I got there. So I'll be looking also.
  9. Looks great, Just ordered also. Thanks!!
  10. Really enjoyed, thanks! Your gas forge also looks interesting... would love to see some details on that too.
  11. Very nice work, design, and great job on video production!
  12. I've found these critters coming out of my shop a few years back..... was hard to tell what they were until turned into metal.
  13. B&O Museum. Mostly work on a 50 ton Porter built in 1950. We also have some replicas of older locos that operate.
  14. Neat!! Curious what the part is for- I work on steam locomotives as day job.
  15. I really like the open side feature on that!
  16. Beautiful job! Great eye for use of material and great execution.
  17. Several years ago I started making bottle openers and searched around looking at as many pictures as I could so as not to directly copy anything. Made a bunch, each slightly different of course. In the last year mainly noticed a number of others of the same pattern and after going around with myself decided not to worry too much. Pretty much all seem to be some variation of a loop, hook, or question mark. I'm sure the same basic things get created in different places independently. You can pull your hair trying to come up with something new then see someone else has done it but who knows when??
  18. Thanks! It's amazing how many variations of these things there are. And as simple as they may seem sometimes they really take a lot of fooling with....
  19. Attached hopefully are 3- one spike, one horseshoe, and one titanium.
  20. I think the web site looks great! Very nice and clean. A thought on the Etsy shop may be to add more on policies etc., and more about yourself. The more details there may help encourage shoppers.
  21. I have a Milwaukee with variable speed control (don't remember model number offhand but the mag base and drill motor unit were sold separarately). I like it much better than dewalt and some others i've used. Variable speed much nicer, general quality seems better. As I recall it seems to maintain speed control with varying loads.
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