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One speciality tool?

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Well, I would certainly MAKE another hinge fuller again. The one I made has an adjustable hinge point allowing it to be used on a variety of stock thicknesses.

I use it on a regular basis for isolating the area that will become knife/sword tangs or spear sockets. It's great!

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4 1/2" hand grinder, is use mine for EVERYTING :),Grinding, sanding, polishing, cutting, i hold it down a table and use it like a belt sander,,, iv even learned how to cut sheet with it :) id brush my teath and walk the dog with it too if i could :(
The only thing i dont use on it is the wire cup wheels, they scare the heck out of me.

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I would have to say my Suhner belt grinder it is similar to a dynafile but a whole lot better. it's great with 1/2" wide belts , you can run abrasive belts or non-woven. First runner up is a Bosch variable speed angle grinder. They seem to outlast a Dewalt/ B&D about 8 to 1.

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