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  1. I think my first knife ended up in several pieces...hehe Are the pins made from steel too? Keep up the good work!
  2. Just what ptree said, it uses a large wheel mounted on the motor shaft as the clutch, harder you press down on the treadle, the harder the motor shaft presses into the flywheel.
  3. You should check out the clay spencer Tire hammer, it has a 50 pound ram and can be made for about 1500$us, using all new parts and steel.
  4. Chuck, Iv swiched my setup to a hoffman forge as well, and they are amazing! So fast, so hot, and so simple, If anyone was in the market for a gas forge, I would snach one of these up.
  5. id ask how this guy still has fealing in his hands Dampfhammer, Dirostahl, Remscheid, Schmiede, Forge.
  6. Dampfhammer, Dirostahl, Remscheid, Schmiede, Forge. I wonder if it was casual friday...
  7. Rightclick/save as. Thanks for the new desktop pic
  8. Very informative Evfreek, My gas dealer asked me about swiching to somthing they call high-carb propane, or F-G2, a propriarity blend that supposedly would burn a few hundred degrees hotter than standard propane. Too bad it was almost twice the cost. :O
  9. i couldn't find a searchable copy online , but this my reverence. An Introduction to the Metallurgy of ... - Google Book Search
  10. darn, thats why I dont use Wiki...hehe Puddling (metallurgy) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  11. Sorry Glenn, It was ment as a joke. I was just responding to quenchcracks assumption that wrought iron can only be made in a bloomery. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puddling_(metallurgy) PUDDLING
  12. Quenchcrack, you must try these newfangled things people are reading, they are called books... Alfie, short answer, yes, long answer , not in your shop. Around the late 1700's a prosess called Puddling was developed in which the raw pig iron from a blast furnace was fed into a large rectangular furnace that had a fire box off to one side, normaly heated by coke or charcoal, the pig iron used had around 3-4 % carbon and high amounts of silicon, phosphorus and manganese, so not quite mild steel. So, once all the bar have melted in the fire pot, the mass is stired around and oxidized untill most of the silicon has boiled away, then the phosphorus, carbon and slag are removed in the same way. Once all the impurities have been removed, the iron is taken out of the furnace at and rolled in a mill or forged into bars. You could say, its a silmilar idea to the bessemer converter, only all the work is being done in one furnace, And later on when hand-puddling became obsolete this same prosess was scaled up and could make wrought iron in 5000-8000 pound batches at once.
  13. nett, who made those? half of them look like they should be sent to the scrap pile.
  14. This year I bought a Oxweld/purox brand oxy/propane torch set up for cutting and heating and I love it, it uses a normal 0-60psi regulator for the propane that i manifold off my big tank so i can run the forge and the torch at the same time. Chris is right about going thru oxygen, you can empty a tank really fast, but oxygen is cheap compaired to acet, and if your just using the torch , the propane lasts forever. The unit I got was like 300 bucks, and that had the torch body, rosebud, cuttin head, hose, and regs.
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