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tempered 'engraving'

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I came up with an idea, and before I execute it I was hoping for some opinion on it.

basically, as an alternative to engraving a blade, I'd use temper colours to place letters on there.

the idea I had was hardening the blade, then coating it in a clay which Id then scribe letters into-I'm thinking thin and well spaced lines, just in case. then running a blowtorch over until they're blue.

as I think about it, I feel like I'd want a conductive layer on first to take heat out of the steel in blank areas, then an insulating layer to protect it from the torch.

what do you guys think? can it work, and even look good? has anyone tried anything like this? I hope at least the idea is appreciated.

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Finish the blade with it at the temper colour you want.  Place press apply letters on it and then lightly bead blast it or etch it.  Hilt the blade realizing that the temper coloured area is extremely thin and fragile and easy to end up needing to just buff it out of existence.

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