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troubles with banking fire

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hello all!

I have tried many times to get my fire banked and have it stay lit, but I must be doing something wrong! I get a good fire, then pile a bunch of green coal over it, and maybe sprinkle some water on top. I have come back on multiple occasions, only a couple of hours later, only to find the fire out stone cold! if anyone's good a method of banking a fire, please share!

I know, I know, I will get a gas forge sometime. ;)


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I don't burn coal very often but I don't put water on a fire I want to stay lit. have you tried putting a piece of wood in the heart before covering it? The wood should keep a smoulder going a while.

Just so you know I'm more a gas forge guy, good coal is hard to get here.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Greetings Ethan,

There are lots of factors but I will pass on what I do... Wet only the spare coal for replenishing . Only sprinkle water on your banked stack to control spreading.. When you feed fresh Coke push it from the side of the fire pot down . Open the center area often and swirl around and rotate your clinker breaker to remove spent fuel.  That's what I got I hope it helps .. Your a fine smith with a great future. I wish you well . 

Forge on and make beautiful things


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To put my fire on hold, say when taking a lunch break, I just pile just a very little green coal on top, turn the blower off and leave the ash dump wide open.  That creates a slight updraft that keeps the coke burning on "idle" with a faint glow.  When I turn the air back on, the fire comes back quickly.

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It depends on your coal and the quality of your coal.

Bituminous coal here is good high BTU smithing and metallurgical coal. Clean out the clinker, add green coal and give it air to get the green coal heated and burning a bit. Slide a piece of lumber into the heart of the fire, and cover the whole thing with green coal.  It takes practice to find the right combination for YOUR forge and YOUR coal.

A fire that is OUT is a safe fire. Wind gust or chimney downdraft can cause the fire to come back to life. Besides if you are going to be away from the fire, and especially out of the building, you WANT the fire out. It only takes a few minutes to build a new fire and be ready to forge.

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