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How much salt for brine

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I would like to quit using oil as a quench fluid for a variety of reasons:
mess when somebody knocked the container over.

I am using 1040, 1084, and 1095 and would like to  change to water or brine.

The work is generally knife blades, approximately 1 inch wide X  6 to 10 inches long X 1/4 inch thick at the spine. 

Question 1.....   How much salt should I use to make the brine?

Question 2.....  Is there a simple rule of thumb how warm the quench should be?


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to float an egg is the old measurement; they probably had fresh eggs back then...  However several of those alloys I would not use a water or brine quench on and would not expect successful results.  The steel doesn't care if you don't like the smell or possible mess.  (I built a holder for my oil quench tube so it couldn't get knocked over without really trying to do it on purpose...)  What oil were you using that stunk?  Perhaps it's time to go to a professionally made quench medium?

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That makes sense Thomas eggs from the store certainly are not "fresh". Last time I did it I used as much as I could dissolve in the water about a gallon , was just a couple small cable knives.  Worked for me.  

Brine quench is more harsh than oil and could cause some issues with those alloys that like oil.

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fresh water is 8.34 ppg, saturated brine is 14 ppg. sea water is 9.5 ppg ( for reference)  so you could mix up to 5.5 # of salt per gallon, so adj. salt till you get what content you want. but high carbon dosen't like brine. ( tomy limited knowledge)

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