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my little backyard smithy

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It not much but it is a place to forge some steel. I just built a small lean-to on the side of my building. I bought a portable forge from an old man down the road and an anvil from a blacksmith that grinds tools in the shop that I work. I have a three pound plumb cross peen hammer and 50 pounds of coal. That is all it took to start an addiction. Who would think how such a laborious task could be so rewarding, and in a sense calming. Had a rough day at work? Just go home, light the forge and let it fly. No matter what the outcome is, I still learn and gain something from every strike of the hammer. There are many things that I can and will improve on shop wise and experience wise. But I can say that I am proud of my little hole in the wall of a backyard smithy.

How did your first smithy look? Were you as proud and as excited as I am about your little getaway?


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Chuck,here's a picture of my lean-to smithy......and mine actually DOES lean!
This is how it looked one day last summer........cluttered!
I built this 35 years ago and it has seen better days.......though it never was quite straight or organized.

There's a 4 lb. hammer in there somewhere that I can't find.....lost it years ago!

Don't let this happen to you!!

Any way.......enjoy your smithy.

I certainly enjoy mine.



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White Bear......I often leave my main forging hammer on the anvil. It just seems to be where I need it most often. Never thought about the 'bad luck' aspect of it much.

As messy as my shop usually stays, if I didn't put it on the anvil........I'd probably lose it!
Now that would be bad luck!

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Chuck-You sound about as excited as I was with my first shop. It was a screen house on a place I lived. I walled it in and that was my shop for 12 yrs or so. What got put where depended on where the roof leaked. I ain't sayin the roof didn't have enough slope but if it sloped any less it would have been running the other way :D

Always leave a hammer on my anvil, sometimes two!

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Hey I've got one of those, a corner of the covered patio, the leaky corner. The stuff keeps expanding outwards. Currently building a bellows so I can get away from the outlet and get to the dry side of the patio.

Michael-San Francisco



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